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Acupuncture Can Help If You Are Experiencing Body Pains and Sleepless Nights

Acupuncture is one the ancient treatment practices that was used by the Chinese medical practitioners. For the longest time, it had not gained popularity around the world due to a number of concerns regarding the manner in which it was conducted. However, it was universally accepted as a safe and ideal method for treating certain health problems.

That explains why you can get acupuncture treatment by simply issuing your health insurance card. Many insurance policies actually cover it what with its health benefits. If you are experiencing body pain and sleepless nights, acupuncture may come in handy as an ideal treatment option. Here is a look at its significance.

The objective of acupuncture


Every remedy has the sole objective of making an individual feel better over time until they have completely healed. Well, acupuncture is the sort of treatment that works by improving your body’s function. Essentially, it enhances self-healing process of the body. Acupuncture is able to achieve this by stimulating a number of anatomic sites on the body commonly referred to as acupoints. As such, fine sterile needles are inserted on these acupoints to initiate treatment. The effects of acupuncture can further be enhanced by pressure or heat stimulation.

What happens during treatment?

When you go for acupuncture treatment, the medical practitioner attending to you will ask a number of vital questions including your medical history and the kind of condition that you have been experiencing lately. If you have been suffering from body pain and sleepless nights, he will examine your body. First, he will check the tongue to determine its shape, color and even coating.

Secondly, he will feel your pulse to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. The physical examinations vary depending on an individual. After carrying out an effective medical examination, the health practitioner is able to recommend to you the most effective treatment plan that will help alleviate body pain and boost sleep.

What can you expect from the initial treatment?

As the treatment starts, you will be required to lie comfortably on a treatment table. Next, the acupuncturist will locate the ideal acupoints in your body to ensure effective stimulation upon the beginning of the treatment. You do not have to worry about pain because a great deal of people usually feel no pain at all as the needles are gently being placed onto their skin. Therefore, discomfort will be the least of your worries during the treatment.

More often than not, the retention time for the needles on your skin ranges between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. In the course of the treatment, people often report significant relief of pain with improvement in sleeping cycles after the treatment.

Number of treatments required

As mentioned earlier, different people have varying health issues that require the different level of medical attention. If your condition is not too serious, you may experience significant relief after the first treatment. This may necessitate the need to show up for only a single treatment after the first one. In some cases, you may not have to show up again if the results are astounding. On the other hand, people with quite complicated sleeping patterns and body pains may find themselves visiting centers for RMT in Yonge and Eglington on more than one occasion for effective treatment. Although the treatment may last long, the outcome is usually great.

If you are suffering from sleeping issues, you do not have to get frustrated about the fatigue and body pain experienced as a result. By simply checking into a therapeutic center, you will be able to receive effective medical attention. Acupuncture is one of the effective remedies that is popularly used by a good number of therapeutic experts to treat a number of health issues.