Benefits of a Regular Massage Therapy

Massage: Get in touch with its many benefits

In today’s busy life, Stress has become an unavoidable aspect of everyone lives. Whereas positive stress can motivate you to accomplish with a challenge, and it becomes extremely devastating when it exceeds the threshold level. When a person is going through negative stress then his overall performance will completely get affected. Therefore, in order to maintain the right balance of a healthy lifestyle, it becomes absolutely important for him to get relief from negative stress and when it comes to overcoming the problem of negative stress, and then he can think of massage therapy.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the first things that come to our mind when thinking of stress relief. Scientific studies reveal that even a single session of massage therapy will play an important role in lower your heart rate, cortisol levels, and insulin levels significantly. Some of the other Benefits of regular massage therapy include the lowering of blood pressure, enlighten your tighten muscles, enhance the production and release of feel-good hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.

The advantages of massage therapy are collective. Several Types of research have shown that there are huge benefits of regular massage that range from curing acute and chronic diseases to overcome the tensions of modern lifestyles. Nowadays, the medical communities are actively incorporating massage therapy as a part of their regular treatment methodology in order to provide holistic healthcare to patients.

Given below are some of the most popular Benefits of regular massage therapy, which includes :-

Help in resolving musculoskeletal problems

A regular massage can be extremely useful in managing the conditions that are related to the problem of musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.

Help in improving the posture

If anyone is suffering from the problem of postural imbalances then the intake of regular massage therapy can help them in correcting the incorrect posture.

Improve the overall circulation of blood in the body

This therapy aids in improving the overall circulation of nutrient-rich blood to the vital organs and tissues of your body, which further results in improving your overall health.

Great reliever for the problem of anxiety and depression

If you are suffering from the problem of anxiety and depression, then you can seek the help of a professional massage therapist, who can give you a therapeutic massage that is extremely useful for relaxing your mind, body, and spirit.

Boost up the level of endorphins

One of the most important benefits of regular massage therapy is that it is a natural painkiller as a regular massage can helps in ensuring the release of endorphins that work as a natural painkiller for curing any kind of body pain.

Enhancing your quality of sleep

As massage is an excellent stress buster. Thus, when a person feels free from stress then he becomes capable to enhance his concentration as well as it will also help him in providing a good quality of sleep.

Help in eliminating stretch marks and scars from the body

Regular massage therapy helps in promoting the regeneration of tissues and it will also play an important role in reducing the problem of stretch marks and scars from the body.

How Massage Therapy Can Help Numerous Back Problems

Back pains are very common and many people complain about having them. Today, even younger people are having issues with their backs largely because of the lifestyle they adopt. Some usually come about due to poor sitting postures we gradually acquire or the kind of chairs we use. Others can be severe and can be caused by work related injuries or from lifting heavy loads. Most people with back pains will choose to book for massages, which usually help to relieve these pains. If you have persistent back problems, you should visit a RMT in Yonge and Eglinton to undergo special massage therapy to help with your condition.

Types of back problems that require massage therapy

  • Lower back pain: Lower back pains are mostly caused by lifting heavy objects without supporting your back well. A sudden movement can also cause the lower part of your back to experience some pain. Sometimes when muscles are strained too much or torn, they can cause an inflammation around the muscles. This then causes the back to experience spasm, leading to lower back pain. This pain can last from few hours to few weeks.
  • Upper back pain: An upper back pain can be caused by sports related injuries or deconditioning. Overuse of injuries caused by repetitive motions can also cause muscles to spasm causing upper back pains. The good news is that massage therapy helps both the lower and upper back pains by working out the spasm and also helps to improve motion range.
  • Spine osteoarthritis: This condition is brought about by the breakdown of cartilage located between facets joints on the back part of the spine. The facets joints get inflamed and with time they degenerate causing friction between bones. This in turn causes pain to the patients. Massage therapy helps to reduce the pain on patients by reducing muscle tension and stress and improves circulation. You need to find a qualified therapist specifically experienced to handle arthritis patients.
  • Fibromyalgia: This condition is usually characterized by patients experiencing stiffness, fatigue, pain or insomnia. The pain can be widespread or secluded to specific points on the body. For patients who have this condition, it advisable to establish the specific points experiencing the pain by having physical examinations. The doctor can then refer them to a massage therapist.

Other benefits of massage therapy

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There are other benefits a patient suffering from back pains can get from getting massage therapy. The massage increases blood flow to muscles which in turn aids the muscles to recover fast. Massage therapy has been known to be very relaxing and allows your body muscles to relax therefore reducing chances of future strains. The relaxation improves sleep and the general flexibility of the body. A massage therapy induces the brain to release feel-good chemicals which enhance one’s mood. These chemicals are known to reduce anxiety, depression and even pain which then lead to quick recovery. As you can see, you end up getting more each time you visit your registered massage therapist.