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Lynn ( Yinghua ) Li


She loves working with all cases that can be treated by massage.She particularly enjoys providing treatment for tension headache , back pain and neck stiffness..

Lynn, a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) of Ontario, believes in the benefits of natural and holistic treatments of human body including massage therapy. As a massage therapist, Lynn’s passion lies in assessing clients’ s concerns using her anatomical knowledge, providing them with effective treatments safely and eventually improving clients’ general health and wellbeing.
Education and Focus
Lynn received massage education and training at both Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy and Protégé School. She has obtained solid theory foundation as well as various practical techniques for massage therapy. Her specialty includes but not limited to Swedish oil massage, traditional Chinese tuina, hydrotherapy, joint mobilization, trigger points, fascia release, muscle energy and soft tissue stretching.


Lynn has been working in multiple clinical and rehabilitation settings, dealing with daily, postural and occupational stresses which clients come with. She has helped clients with various conditions, such as stiff neck, shoulder and low back pain, muscle strain, overuse, headache, migraine, TMJ disorder, sciatica, and so on. Her goal is to relieve musculoskeletal pain, prevent physical dysfunction and also achieve full body relaxation.