Detoxing? Modern Cupping Therapy Lymphatic Drainage is the solution.

Detoxing? Modern Cupping Therapy Lymphatic Drainage is the solution.

How does Modern Cupping Therapy Lymphatic Drainage work? The suction or negative pressure created by cupping pulls fluids like blood and lymph to the surface, helping to remove toxic pathogens that can stagnate under the skin’s surface and help to promote refreshed and oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood and lymph. Lymphatic drainage works to clear blockages in the lymphatic system so that it can flow more smoothly thereby also helping one to feel and look better. The suction of the cups rapidly facilitates rigid soft tissue release by stretching it up from underlying structures, loosening areas of adhesion or restriction.
Benefits of Lymphatic drainage include: * Moves stagnation and drains fluid. * Relieves inflammation. * Loosens adhesions. * Pulls blood supply to the skin. * Strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid. * Cleans the blood and lymph and helps to balance PH. * By stimulating lymphatic drainage, you can also diminish the appearance of cellulite. indications for MCT Lymphatic drainage: • For patients who are recovering from surgery: The act of stimulating the flow of lymph can aid in the healing of body tissues. • Injuries related to sports: Once the initial onset inflammation (that is, acute inflammation) has subsided, lymphatic drainage massage can help return an athlete to full physical functioning in a shorter amount of time than without the use of bodywork. • Some cancer survivors may experience benefits from receiving this form of m sage. Cancer treatment often results in lymphedema, which can be debilitat.n Lymph lo drainage can lead to a better overall sense of wellbeing. (But talk with Your anco • Scar oncologist specialist beforehand to ensure this is right for you.) tis can be helped with Modern Cupping Therapy.

Cure your Pain with Hijama Cupping Toronto

Hijama Cupping Toronto

Hijama is one of the ancient therapy that is used to cure several numbers of body ailments. Generally, Hijama therapy involves the usage of different types of cups that are concentrated on a particular part of the body in order to reduce inflammation and pain and at the same time, this therapy is quite effective in healing the mind and the soul.

Hijama Toronto can be performed on almost any part of the body and it’s mainly aimed at cleaning the entire cardiovascular system. The main focus of performing Hijama is to improve the flow of energy.  While going for Hijama make sure that the area of the body where it is to be performed must be free of hair and absolutely clean. This is important for the suction cups to get a tight fit as their main role is to promote the flow of bad blood so that it all gets accumulated at one specific point.

The word cupping was actually derived from the Arabic Word “Hijama” which basically means ‘sucking or vacuum’. But originally, it was known as cupping because cups were used as a curative tool. Originally the cup was heated to create negative pressure and it was used to draw blood. Hijama Cupping does not include fire but instead, it uses sterile plastic cups with a pump to create a vacuum within.

The cups that are used to perform Hijama includes:-

  • Glass Fire Cups
  • Facial Cups
  • Mini Baguanfa Cups
  • Oval Cups

Benefits of Cupping

Hijama Cupping can help in providing a lot of positive effect on the body, which includes:-

  • Hijama plays an important role in treating ailments like asthma, anemia, fatigue, arthritis, back pain, depression and emotional issues, sciatica, skin problems, general flu and other types of physical and psychological issues.
  • Helps in proper blood circulation
  • It helps in stimulating the overall functionality of the immune system
  • This therapy revitalizes the functions of the human organs
  • It also plays an important role in providing enough nourishment to the affected tissues
  • Helps in treating kidney and liver disorder
  • Treating respiratory problems
  • Solves digestive problems
  • It solves gynecological problems
  • It is effectual in treating spasms, joint pain, stomach ache, and vomiting.
  • Hijama Toronto is one of the most effective treatments for resolving the clinical manifestations of external pathogens that are constantly fighting at the level of the skin.
  • This treatment releases a lot of toxins that deacidifies tissues, enhances blood circulation and also reduces stress.
  • It also facilitates the flow of sufficient nutrition to the affected tissues and stimulates the flow of blood and lymph and it also activates and strengthens the functions of the organs.

For performing Hijama Cupping, one needs a hygienic environment. The practitioner must always be wearing gloves and everything used in the course of this therapy must be absolutely sterile and the equipment that is used for performing Hijama must be new and should be discarded after using just ones only.

Cupping therapy is an ancient Eastern and Middle Eastern practice that dates back thousands of years and to date, many alternative practitioners still use it. In fact, cupping therapy has become quite popular in Western society as an effective treatment therapy.

Cupping therapy is an excellent treatment process for reducing pain and inflammation, improving blood flow and overall well-being as well as inducing relaxation. It is a therapy that is ideal for deep tissue massage too.

We provide best cupping therapy in Toronto.

How Cupping (Hijama) Therapy Works

According to alternative medicine practitioners, a person’s Qi needs to be in harmony and if it is not in harmony, pain occurs. The theory behind cupping therapy is that the vacuum pull that is created promotes a healthy flow of blood circulation and warmth to the affected area. The suction from the vacuum pull reaches deep into the body’s tissues which then releases harmful toxins from those tissues.

The result of cupping therapy is then an increase to the lymphatic flow, clear blood vessels and activated skin cells. These results cause triggers in the body which ultimately lead to better physical health and thus, mental vitality.

Cupping Therapy Treatment

Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment that has been proven to be effective for thousands of years. While the principal is the same, the treatment procedure has evolved slightly. The types of cups used for cupping therapy include glass, silicone, bamboo and earthenware.

The treatment process entirely depends on the patient’s needs and condition along with what results they are looking for. The first session will always start with a consultation where the patient’s overall health is considered, evaluated and a plan of treatment is decided upon. It is a non-surgical treatment that requires no down time afterwards. Multiple sessions can be had and each session may see the cups placed on the skin for a few minutes.

The first cupping session will typically involve around three to five cups but it is possible to start with one if unsure and want to see what it is all about first. Cupping therapy practitioners will never really use more than seven cups at the most in the beginning.

The Procedure

Some sort of flammable substance is first placed in the cup. This can be alcohol, paper or herbs which are set on fire. Once the fire has died out, the cup is placed upside down on the affected area of the skin. As the hot air from inside of the cup cools down, a vacuum pull is created. The skin then rises, reddens and the blood vessels expand to create an intense blood flow or circulation. The cup is left in this position for a few minutes before being removed.

Modern day cupping therapy has seen the introduction of a rubber pump that causes the vacuum pull as opposed to the fire method. Silicone cups are also more commonly used these days because the cupping therapy practitioner can move the cup as it suctions which creates a massage type effect.

Cupping Therapy Toronto

Toronto Fire Cupping Therapy

Fire Cupping or Suction Cup Method

With the Fire Cupping Method, a cotton ball soaked in alcohol is ignited and held inside the cup with a pair of forceps to burn the oxygen in the cup. The cotton ball is quickly removed and the cup is placed on the patient’s skin in the selected location. The vacuum created inside the cup draws the patient’s skin up inside the cup causing intense circulation to the area.

With the Suction Cupping Method, air is suctioned from the cup manually with a pump after the cup is placed on the skin of the patient.

How Does Cupping Work?

In alternative medicine, pain is said to be caused by a disharmony relating to the flow of Qi in a person’s body.  When a suction cup is placed on the problem area, the vacuum pull of the cup creates warmth and circulation to the area. The suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues causing the tissues to release harmful toxins.  It triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels, as well as stretches and activates the skin.


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